Cat Enrichment Consultations

Initial Consultation $50

Includes an hour discussion in your home, welcome folder with two toys, and a detailed write up of recommendations sent to you and your veterinarian's office.Many questions can be answered and some problems solved in one consultation, but most will require follow up sessions.


Follow Up Consultation $30

Booked within 30 days of your initial consultation, this is where we check your progress, go over your next steps, and answer any questions that developed.

Package of Four $120

If you already know your cat's going to be minute, purchase a discounted package of four hours. Great for carrier/car ride training, cat introductions, harness training, litter box issues, and more!

Regions on the map below represent Enrichment Consultation trip fees, from small to large:

No charge (blue),

$10 (purple),

$20 (pink).

What We'll Do:

  1. Confirm via email with instructions to prepare for your consultation.

  2. Geek out about cat psychology for an hour in your home.

  3. Assign HOMEWORK for you, your cat(s), and everyone in the household.

  4. E-mail a personalized write up in about a week with detailed recommendations, suggested reading, and links to videos and resources.

What We Can't Do:

  • Change your cat's personality or intrinsic needs.

  • Rehome your cat.

  • Use aversive training methods.

  • Train your cat to use a people bathroom, or any other behavior that cats are not designed to do.

  • Condone declawing.

  • Train dogs (we still love them, though!).

Meet Kelly

Kelly C. Myers, MS, UW-AAB, DN-CCP

CEO, Cat Enrichment Officer

The proud guardian of two cats and one step-cat, Kelly earned her nickname "The Cat Lady" in her early 20's through foster and volunteer work for local rescues. In 2009, she burned out of her career in the nonprofit sector to go play with animals. She has been a professional companion animal care provider for 10 years and a small business owner for 8 of those years.

Kelly has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Shepherd University, a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership from Mountain State University, and a Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington. 

Kelly offers her expertise in all things feline as a cat enrichment consultant. Trained by life experience and continuing education, Kelly can be hired to share holistic tips and tricks specific to your cat and home. Kelly is a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild, a certified Fear Free professional, and a Dognostics Collaborative Care Provider, adhering to their principles of exclusively providing force free solutions to animal behavior.

Word on the street is ...

Kelly and her professional inspiration, Jackson Galaxy.

"Kelly's feline behavioral consultation was worth its weight in gold! I learned more about cats in 30 minutes than I had read online in years. Her advice is thorough and solid. She wants the best for cats and their caregivers." ~ Brecca F.