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Communicating with the Cat Lady

The office phone is silenced overnight beginning at 9 pm. 

Sound is turned back on, and we can respond to text messages, as early as 7:30 am Monday through Friday. You may not receive an intelligible response right away, so please allow time for a cup or two of coffee if you can.

We check e-mail at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

  • If you have an emergency, e-mail is NOT the method of communication to use.

  • If you have future dates to schedule or another non-urgent matter, please be patient waiting for an e-mail response within the next business day or use Precise Pet Care to request visits.

The office phone number 240-415-8722 does not ring to an actual office!

  • You may leave a voicemail or send a text to this number. Please let us call you back within one business day.

  • If you need an immediate response, text the office number rather than leaving a voicemail. We won’t receive your text notification after hours (9 pm to 7:30 am).

You will not receive your sitter’s private cell phone number until you complete a new client consultation. Please note your sitter is sharing his/her private phone number with you and respect it by:

  • Not sharing it with a friend or neighbor. (Thank you for the referral, we can give you business cards with the “office” information).

  • Only contacting your sitter during traditional office hours of 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, unless you have an emergency or s/he is scheduled to be in your home. If you have a non-urgent question and don’t want to forget, please try scheduling your text message for an appropriate hour.

  • Understanding that your sitter is very busy and may not be able to respond immediately. S/he is often driving, holding leashes, at a second job, or outside in seasonal weather.

Having access to your sitter’s personal contact information is a privilege and not a right. We may refer you to another sitter if we receive too many after-hours requests. Please save them for absolute emergencies so we can have family time, too!

The Cat Lady is Johnny-on-the-Spot. You could set your watch to them.

~ Keith L. Client since 2011