New Speed Bumps in Clover Hill!

December 5, 2016

 Clover Hill is our least favorite neighborhood in which to walk dogs. Why? No sidewalks!


As you can see from this snapshot, there is just enough space for two cars to pass each other carefully. Add a pedestrian with a dog, and either one of the cars has to wait or the dog walker needs to move to the grass to make room. Fortunately, most Clover Hill residents are understanding of pedestrians walking in the grass as long as they pick up after their dogs. 

But then there are days when we would rather not move into the grass. If there is rain, snow, or mud, walking the grass may mean soaking wet socks for the rest of the day. Or, if placed just right, stepping into the grass may mean falling into a corner ditch -- I've done this!


We often feel the need to go diving off the asphalt and potentially into a ditch because some drivers in Clover Hill tend to be less than careful, especially if they are using the neighborhood to cut through to places such as Frederick Community College. We also walk some unpredictable dogs who may dart left or right if they see a squirrel. This is why we think the new speed bumps on Summerfield Drive are brilliant. If drivers slow down while walkers hug the side of the road and everyone pays attention, there should be enough room for everyone in Clover Hill.



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