Why We're Not Afraid of Competition

February 6, 2017

Frederick is a great town for sitting and dog walking (and just a plain ol' great town)! There are companion animals everywhere, from Spring Ridge to Worman's Mill. Once we established a good reputation with the community a few years ago, advertising became a thing of the past and we enjoyed a steady stream of new clients and repeat business.


It is SO nice to be able to go to a client consultation and not be starving for business. I think this shows in our confidence when we walk in the door. Instead of asking ourselves, "Oh my gosh, how do I land this client so I can pay my bills?" we are asking things like:

  • Is this a good fit for me? For the animals?

  • Can I commit to this household on a regular basis, if needed?

  • Does anthing feel 'off' in my intuition, or am I totally in love and eager to come back?

There's no greater feeling than having a love connection with a new client and looking forward to getting to know them! On the other hand, sometimes we don't feel that fit and we have the freedom to say so (you do, too!).


But here's the really cool part about sitting and walking in Frederick: We get along with other sitters and walkers. That's right, we frequently touch base and refer out to other professionals we trust and vice versa. In fact, a colleague recently took me to dinner for referring a cat sit to her. I was equally grateful, being able to respond professionally


 by reaching out and finding someone who was available rather than just saying no. And of course the client was thrilled to have a sitter for Christmas, even though it wasn't a Cat Lady.


When we see a new sitting business pop up, we're not intimidated at all. We welcome anyone who wants to join the profession ... ok and we might giggle a little knowing the adventure they are about to begin.




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