Yasmin's Lucky Day

April 3, 2017

Friday was such a yucky rainy day, not even the dogs wanted to walk. But "we actually walk the dog" so out we went! Yasmin is our pit bull mix friend who gets midday walks three times a week, and who we are sorry to say will be moving out of the area soon. She loves to walk, even in the rain! On Friday, she and I accidentally stomped through a big puddle. Ugh! Wet feet! On our way in from our walk, I stopped by my car to get a dry pair of socks, which I always keep on hand for days like this. Then I remembered Yasmin also loves something else ... car rides!


Too late! Yasmin had already made herself comfortable for a joy ride. I did the math, I had extra time on my hands that afternoon and precious little time left with Yasmin before she moves away.






For all the years I've been walking Yasmin, she's admired my car (hint, hint) whenever we walk past it.

I've always meant to indulge in a car ride with her, but it never happened. Well, Friday was her lucky day!








"All right," I exclaimed. "Let's go for a car ride!" By that time, Yasmin had jumped over the back seat and made herself comfortable. Off we went for our 5 minute adventure, across Ballenger Creek Pike, to the shopping center parking lot, and back home again! Yasmin was ecstatic, rubbing her sopping wet fur all over the seats and giving me kisses at every stop sign and stop light.


We had a bittersweet arrival back home, sad to see our big adventure coming to an end and yet so happy we finally got to go!









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