Small World, Big Business!

April 25, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from one of the first ever Cat Lady clients. They were going out of town, once again needed our services, and they had moved into a new home. I was ecstatic for their news, after watching their family grow through a wedding, the passing and adopting of companion animals, and now a new home. My ecstasy was interrupted, however, as I saw their new address on the screen in front of me ... that address looked familiar ... hey, wait a minute! I already had a key to that house because the previous owner was also a Cat Lady client!


I stopped by that afternoon and my old key still worked in the door! This is yet another example of that home town feeling that we love so much about Frederick. And that what I've been saying all along might actually be true: one household at a time, Cat Ladies are going to take over the world!


All kidding aside, I have a couple of thoughts on moving to share. If you move out of Frederick, we will be sad. But please do let us know that you are moving. I have a key ring full of keys that I would much rather have returned rather than holding on in case the client reappears (or another client moves in to their place!). We really, really, really don't like throwing away keys, and we don't, so it's much better to return them to you to destroy.


Also, I have moved! This is the reason why I can no longer board animals. Blame it on my boyfriend, we moved to Germantown together to split our commutes to work. We're a happy home where the cats still outnumber the humans!


I sold my home in Frederick with the expertise of Amanda Addington and her team. She came highly recommended by a client and, wow! She is fabulous! She knew all the right professionals to call to get my house ready without breaking my budget. She was able to tell me which home improvements were worth the investment, and which I was wasting my time on. I was so blessed to have such an amazing professional for my little house that most realtors didn't think was worth the time and effort. And best of all, we got an offer in two weeks for full price!


So remember, if you plan to move TELL US and call Amanda.






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