We're Frenemies With Paypal

May 8, 2017

 Paypal is such a convenient way to pay, it's practically synonymous with paying online. Just click and you're done. Every modern business seems to take Paypal, and we are no exception. However, there is a price on our end for this convenience. Specifically, $362.44. In the last year alone, for the handful of clients who have used Paypal to pay their invoices, $362.44 has been subtracted by Paypal in fees.


Now, that's not astronomical and we are happy to take a small cut in order to make our clients' experiences more pleasant. But I can't stop thinking of what I could have done with that $362.44. Each of my contractors could have received a $100 bonus, we could have donated it to a Frederick animal rescue group, I could have attended a business or animal sitting conference ... For a small business, $362.44 means a lot. (Not to mention the political allegations against Paypal, Google it if you're bored).


Paypal is so ubiquitous that it's hard to imagine any alternatives, but there are many! As always, we are happy to pick up cash or check from your kitchen counter. We can always mail or email an invoice, and receive a snail mail payment in return. There are also a couple of inexpensive online payment platforms we use such as Dwolla and Venmo.  If you need help setting up one of these accounts, please let us know!


Thank you, as always, for supporting our small business and for taking the time to learn about the little ways the big guys take y/our money!


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