We Can't Rehome Your Cat

July 18, 2017

This blog post is going to try to gently touch on a sore subject: rehoming your cat. 


I mean, I've been there. About 11 years ago, I was living in an apartment with a lease that allowed one cat ... and I found myself with two. My failed foster sabotaged his own adoption, and I worked with his foster agency to get him re-adopted. It didn't work so I made the very difficult decision ... to buy him a house. Now, I know that I was extremely privileged to be in the financial position to even consider buying a house. There were times when I needed assistance from family, my mortgage company, and roommates. But I made it work didn't back out on my life long pledge to my failed foster.


Currently, I'm in another pickle. I live with my two cats, my boyfriend, and his cat. One of the cats, who shall remain nameless, is not taking kindly to this adjustment. For the past six months, this cat has been peeing directly outside the litter box. We have been to two vets, purchased one of everything calming from chewy.com, and even consulted with AskYourAnimals.com Marjorie Lewis. This has not been an inexpensive project. One vet suggested we rehome one of the cats, but that's not the kind of family we are. We're more the kind of family that puts towels down in the designated accident areas until our little behavioral snafu gets resolved.


I know that there are cat guardians with much bigger problems than these who call asking for help. I have utmost compassion for them and all the different resolutions they have tried. But for anyone who calls us looking for assistance rehoming a cat, I have bad news ...

  • We can't help rehome your cat.

  • There are no openings at no kill shelters.

  • There is no such thing as a hospice shelter for your cat.

  • If you take your cat to Animal Control, your cat may end up euthanized.

  • Our houses are all full of animals, as are the clients we serve. That's what keeps us in business.

  • We can post adoptable animals on our social media, and have a 0% success rate.

We get a number of calls from cat guardians looking for a sugarcoated answer. There is none. Everywhere is full. In warm weather like this, kitten season is in full swing, and there simply are no good places to "get rid of" your companion animal.


Now for the silver lining ... We are cat sitters, not behaviorists, but we do know a thing or two about feline behavior. If you are having a litter box, scratching, or other undesirable behavior from your cat please call us! We may be able to help! If it means saving your cat's life or her little paws from declawing, please reach out to us. I can do a consultation, let you pick my brain, and direct you toward books, tv shows, and enrichment toys/activities that you may find helpful. Again, I'm not a behaviorist so I can do this at our affordable hourly rate of $28!


We know you love your cat as a family member, and we can help you keep her at home where she belongs!










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