Where's the key?

October 28, 2017

It's not uncommon for us to step out from an overnight to do a bedtime visit for another dog. What is uncommon, though, is for a key to go missing!


Last night I was sleeping over at Rudy's, and stepped out to tuck in Blue and Pumpkin. When I got to the car from Rudy's third floor apartment, I realized I had left my cell phone inside. I threw caution to the wind and drove to the visit without my phone.


I got to Blue's house and put the combination in the lockbox like I had hundreds of times before and ... there was no key! Lauren had visited them for dinner that evening without a problem, so my first thought was to call Lauren ... on my cell phone at the other side of Frederick. 


I drove back to Rudy's and took him out for potty while I waited to hear back from Lauren. She couldn't find the key anywhere and swore she remembered putting it in the lockbox. I took a deep breath and drove back to Blue's to see if I had dropped the key on the porch. It had been a long day and I wouldn't have been surprised if it fell and I missed it.


When I got back to Blue's at about 10:15 pm, Lauren's car was sitting outside! She had come straight over to look for where SHE must have dropped the key! Shout out to Lauren for going above and beyond the call of duty! We tried looking and brainstorming one last time before calling Blue's family and/or an emergency locksmith. What a sight we must have been, two dog walkers in their pajamas with flashlights combing a pitch dark front yard!


Then I had a eureka moment: Blue and Pumpkin had family in the area! I checked the driveway and sure enough there was a car with a DC license plate. There's always cars in the driveway but Lauren said that specific car definitely wasn't there at dinnertime. We peeked in the window and saw a pair of shoes by the door as well as Pumpkin looking at us in disbelief at how dim witted her sitters can be. After all of the driving, searching, and panicking, we genius sitters rang the doorbell. Blue and Pumpkin's relative answered the door and apologized for holding on to the key. He completely forgot we used it on our visits. We were just relieved that the animals were ok, and I was immensely proud of Lauren for taking the initiative to help simply because she was concerned, too.


In the morning, I checked my email. There was a note from 7 pm saying: "By the way, our relative will be there tonight. We didn't want to scare you." Wah-waah!









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