Clocks Back, Change Batteries!

November 3, 2017

I hope you all have been preparing for daylight savings by pushing your cats'  meal times as late as they will let you so this weekend's extra hour isn't a shock. Now, can we please ask you to do one more thing?


Change your smoke alarm batteries! I am guilty of rolling my eyes at this one. Everyone knows the  smoke alarm beeps when it's time to change the battery, so who cares? Your companion animals do. One of the scariest things for them is that unpredictable screeching BEEP! that seemingly comes out of nowhere. Dogs usually cower and find a hiding place like the basement or bathroom. Cats may stop eating or using the litter box until it's safe to cross the hallway. 


Murphy's law dictates that this will usually happen when you are at work or out-of-town, leaving us to search your house for a step ladder and batteries. We've also been known to look up YouTube videos depending on how complex a client's specific model of smoke alarm is.



Please do everyone a favor, especially you easily frightened fur kids, and replace those batteries this weekend! And don't forget to drop the old ones off at the customer service desk at the Common Market Co-op where they will recycle them for free!

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