Ellie May's First Walk

November 17, 2017

Ellie May was adopted into a home with Kermit, a miniature poodle in need of a friend, nearly a year ago. Ellie May's new guardian was caring for her on a trial basis as she couldn't commit to a young or high maintenance dog in her retirement.


Ellie May is a small mixed breed who resided at a professional kennel. This easily-spooked little girl was in need of a quiet home. She's middle aged and her mother chewed her ears off when she was a puppy so no one ever inquired about her.


Ellie May enjoyed her new quiet home and it ended up being rather permanent! Inquisitive and a little mischievous, Ellie May mostly kept to herself and didn't want anyone other than her guardian to pet her. She would only take a treat if you put it on the floor. 


Every Thursday morning I come for an enrichment walk as their guardian doesn't feel safe walking in her neighborhood without sidewalks. Kermit loves his walk and Ellie May is always invited, but chooses to stay behind. Over time, she learned that the dog walker was a fun person to have over. She would wag her tail in excitement for Kermit to go on his walk while keeping a safe distance, often in another room. When we returned she would approach me to get a treat gently tossed in her direction, though sometimes Kermit would run to steal it. When I sat and talked to their guardian, Ellie May would occasionally sneak up to smell my sneakers or my hand and I would play along like I didn't notice.


Yesterday I showed up for Kermit's usual Thursday morning walk and Ellie May joined us when he got his harness on. We turned to  Ellie May and asked, "Would you like to go for a walk today?" We cooed and talked gently and she slowly inched forward to her guardian holding her harness. With a bit of finagling, we got her harnessed and leashed up. Ellie May's tail dropped between her legs as we walked to the door and I promised to bring her back if she was too afraid.















By the time we walked passed the mailbox, her tail was up and wagging! She was going for a walk with us and enjoying every minute of it! It made my day to see her prancing right along with us, sniffing and marking her favorite new spots. I think we'll do this again next time!


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