A Consult and a Good Deed

January 22, 2018

Kylee and I went on a consultation for a new daily dog walk the other day. It was one of those freezing cold winter days, about a high of 18 degrees! Just as we pulled up to the client's house, Kylee pointed out an off leash dog running around the neighborhood. She called out to him and of course he approached her right away! We looked at his collar and saw he lived just around the corner. Kylee went in to meet her new client and I walked the little guy home.


When I got to the dog's house, I saw cars in the driveway but no one answered the door. I rang the doorbell, knocked on the door, talked loudly to the dog, and even looked for a back yard fence he might have escaped from. By this point it was getting *really* cold and the dog was getting antsy. Of course the guardian's phone number had rubbed off the dog tag. However, this lucky dog was microchipped and had his Home Again tag on. I called Home Again HQ and explained the situation. They then called the guardian and told him to go out to his front porch! The man didn't even know his dog had gotten out, and he was so glad his little guy was microchipped.


I missed most of the consultation by this point, but Kylee was perfectly able to handle it on her own. We're all just so glad she saw the pup when she did. Be sure to always keep identification, even two kinds, on your companion animals!



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