Precisely Who?

February 6, 2018

 Are you sitting down? Good, because we need to talk about a little change. If you're anything like me or your companion animal, you don't like change one bit. Let's try to make this as painless as possible and we can all get through this together.


For the past 7 years, we Cat Ladies have organized ourselves using pen and paper, Google Calendar,, Dropbox, Go Daddy Bookkeeping, and various maps and routing apps. That's a lot to keep track of and leaves way too much room for human error.


I once used a sitting app created for our field of work when I was a contractor for a different company, and found its benefits to be hit and miss. When it was just me, or just me and one contractor running the Cat Lady show, a software program just wasn't worth the expense. But this year, after a headache of switching from Google Calendar to invoicing and then swinging back to dropbox to make sure the contractor had what I had  and then emailing the client to confirm ... I said "Enough!" As January is a quiet time for business and the start of our fiscal year, I looked into software programs that might be more efficient and to my surprise, the cost was no longer prohibitive to us.


After a one month free trial for the staff, I decided to purchase a year subscription to Precise Pet Care (PPC). PPC actually offers MORE online options than what we can utilize right now, but here's what I'm excited about:

  • You, your sitter, and I all have access to the exact same calendar. You no longer have to call/text/email to confirm we have you down correctly. You can login to PPC at any time, day or night, and check the exact same calendar we follow! You can also request and cancel appointments as needed, and will get an automated confirmation two days before your reservation.

  • Your billing options and history will all be stored in PPC, and linked directly to the services on the above mentioned calendar.

  • You can update your animals' information including vet information, vaccine records, house information, and emergency contact right on your profile. You can also select your animal's cutest picture for our file. Your sitter and I can access this information at anytime just by logging in, so you won't' have to leave written instructions every time ... unless that helps you feel comfortable. In that case, write away!

  • We can leave notes and photos for you in an online journal, you guessed it, connected to the calendar! No more waiting until you get home from work or vacation to see what your fur kid did today! When we take a photo, it pops up as an adorable cover photo for the note. (We are still working out the kinks on this one. Apparently if we don't have good phone service at your home, the journal entry doesn't save properly. If you want to make absolutely certain you get your online note, please provide your sitter with your wifi code. There's a spot on your profile page to do so!)

Too much too soon? I know, my head is kind of spinning too. Don't worry, we are happy to continue serving your household The Old Way. You are under no obligation to log in. We will try leaving an online note for everyone at least once, with a paper back up at your home. If that doesn't work for you, no worries. You can still receive benefits like automatic e-mail confirmations without having to change a thing.


Thank you so much for your loyalty and flexibility as we all grow together in 2018!
























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