Frederick's Best Home Based Business!

November 2, 2018

Did you pick up a copy of the Frederick News Post (FNP) on Wednesday? We were more than just a little surprised to learn that we won the category for Best Home Based Business in the FNP's Best of the Best readers' choice awards!


The funny thing is, we were so busy over the summer that we didn't even know we had been nominated. That means some little stinker out there nominated us and the FNP's readership voted us into the top five, all unbeknownst to us.


There is no category for best sitter or dog walker, so we  assumed we wouldn't be in the running. But Cat Lady fans are the creative type who will find a way to get anything done, including nominate us!


The Best of the Best has become a local touchstone for small businesses in Frederick and the surrounding areas. We are humbled to join the ranks of some of our very favorite businesses such as Glory Doughnuts, The Common Market Co-op, Dublin Roasters, and The Turning Point Acupuncture, just to name a few past and present honorees.


THANK YOU to so many locals who helped us along the way:

  • Whoever it is that nominated us -- really, who was it? -- and everyone who voted for us.

  • All the clients back in 2010 and throughout the years who took a chance on a cat lady who burned out of the nonprofit sector. You believed in my dream, making it come true in the process.

  • Each and every client who decided we were a good fit for your home and family.

  • All of the Cat Lady staff, past and present, who give everything they've got 7 days a week for very few benefits other than tail wags and cold-nosed kisses. 

  • The other sitters, small business owners, and mentors who have shared wisdom, advice, and even their own mistakes to try and save me from a few of my own.

  • All the new clients who are believing in my next big dream of cat behavior consulting.

  • The friends and family of the staff who have given up many a movie night, rescheduled Christmas, and wondered if their partner would even be home for dinner (like, ever!) because we were working.

The Oscar music is starting to pay and encourage us off the stage so, to everyone who is reading this, THANK YOU! We will do everything in our power to live up to this awesome award.




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