A Poopy Service


The other day I was introducing Melanie to a client -- Have you met Melanie? She's fabulous! -- Anyway, while we were chatting and playing with the dogs, the client mentioned the franchise company that provided back yard poop scooping for her on a weekly basis. Her description of the franchise was less than flattering:

  • They didn't come to their weekly appointment if it was raining. They seemed to define "rain" very liberally. And why wouldn't they? THEY STILL CHARGED HER on weeks they didn't come!

  • The client had to remember to leave her gate unlocked on the day they were expected. If they didn't come, she left her gate unlocked all day for no reason.

  • The franchise, specializing in dog poop clean up, required that the dogs be shut in the house when they came. 

This arrangement seemed appalling to us. Melanie quickly volunteered to offer a poop scoop service that we are certain will be a better value for our client. We agreed to:

  • Provide a half hour back yard scoop service at our usual rate of $20. That's $2 cheaper than the franchise!

  • Come once a week every week! In the event of inclement weather, we'll come on a different day. If Melanie is on vacation, another sitter will fill in.

  • Use our key to get in. No more leaving the gate unlocked.

  • Let the dogs come out and "help" with the clean up. The whole point of dealing with poo is that you get to see a dog! Now Melanie has extra bonding time with the pups so they aren't surprised when she shows up for a sit.

Poop scooping hasn't been a service we advertise or get many calls about, but please know that we want the best for our clients and we're happy to provide this service!

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