Why do I need a back up sitter?


You may have received an e-mail from Cat Lady HQ recently to set up an introduction to a back up sitter. This may seem a little surprising, especially because our sitters are so reliable and form a bond with you and your companion animals. Why on earth would you need a back up sitter?


Two words: Jury Duty.


Jury Duty is the perfect example of why we need back up sitters assigned to each household. Despite months of planning and promising a specific sitter will be at your house on a specific day and time, Jury Duty can spring up out of nowhere and foil our careful plans. And as we all know, there's just no getting out of it.


Other than Jury Duty, there are other times when it's a relief to have a Cat Lady back up option such as:

  • Sitter vacations

  • Sick days

  • Emergencies

  • Multiple visit overflow

  • Overbookings

  • And when your sitter just can't be in two places on opposite sides of Frederick at the same time.

Fortunately we have a growing staff of 7 sitters who all love caring for animals. Now that I live in Germantown, I rely on the sitters to cover for each other as much as possible. We have a really solid team and all 7 sitters have passed the same screening of background checks, references, and interviews. Most of our sitters started as clients or were referred to me by clients!


It's scary to hand over the key to your house and the trust to care for your beloved companion animals to one person, let alone two! (Incidentally, we're happy to provide a free lock box if you would prefer that method over multiple key copies.) I would argue that our solid back up system is even more reason to trust the Cat Lady. If you had a friend, neighbor, or teenager watch your animals, would they still come if they had an emergency?


No one will ever replace your primary Cat Lady sitter whom you have bonded with, and we're not suggesting that. We simply want to minimize stress for everyone, and ensure that your animals receive top notch care from Cat Lady sitters.


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